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Halal & Hypocrisy II: MRDA Contra The Sun

I couldn’t help but leave a response to this piece of sloppy journalism by  The Sun‘s Jon Gaunt: Let’s ban all fascists, Right-wing or Muslim Published: 12th March 2009 GILLIAN PARKER must come from the same school that bred Ian … Continue reading

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Halal & Hypocrisy

What luck for rulers, that men do not think. – Adolf Hitler   Islam really did dominate the news this week, didn’t it? It started with the British government barring Dutch Politico Geert Wilders from entering the country to screen … Continue reading

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Another great RAW Quote from Natural Law, or Don’t Put A Rubber on your Willy

I think it rather curious, and a variety of metaphysical madness, that the efforts of humans to so alter and adjust existence are denounced as “unnatural” by ecological mystics who never complain that the rat’s efforts to better it’s lot … Continue reading

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Silly Cunts Love Witch-Hunts

New week, new computer, new post! Yup – I finally upgraded and replaced my five year plus desktop with a spiffier model. With three times the memory and almost five times the storage, I figure this new Devil Machine will … Continue reading

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A Nation Cried: “Vagicide!”

Another week, another slew of soldiers killed in action….. …but amidst the flock of the fallen, one corpse stands out…. …its name in life – Sarah Bryant (isn’t that a Virtua Fighter character?)…. You see Ms Bryant has the prestigious … Continue reading

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Protected: Enervating Elders!! Can MRDA Escape the Parent Trap?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Comment I left on Metro.co.uk concerning the court decision to uphold the ban on Manhunt 2….

Absolutely disgusting! The court decision seems as clear an indicator as any as to which way the wind blows in this country concerning censorship and freedom of expression. This country’s government sanctimoniously bombs Iraqi and Afghani towns, criticizes third-world dictatorships … Continue reading

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Chop it up, peel the skin, slow dissection sick minds – I’m blind to the reason. –Static-X Are we not all predatory animals by instinct? If humans ceased wholly from preying….could they continue to exist? –Ragnar Redbeard What is vital … Continue reading

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MRDA Calls for a Manhunt: Bring Me the Head(s) of the BBFC!!

And is the truth of the faith, say, which we are not to doubt; the majesty of the people, which we are not to strike at (he who does is guilty of – lese-majesty); virtue, against which the censor is … Continue reading

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"I Was Raped…. I Lied….." : MRDA Contra the British "Justice" System (# 566,979,000)

Maan, today’s Wright Stuff panellists really know how to lopside issues….. So they think that women who fabricate rapes deserve anonymity (unlike the unlucky fuckers who “rape” them)? In contrast to those mangled minds, I see the issue clearly. Women … Continue reading

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