Thought of the moment….

It’d be cool to have me my own t-shirt….just a logo of the acronym MRDA sprawled across…hell, peeps might thing it’s a band or summat.

Best of all, only I would own and wear one – accept no fucking imitations…Wanna join the club? No fucking deal!

Heh, I’m such an egoist…or is that narcissist? Tis a thin line at times….

Now all I gotsta do is find summat to be egoistic/narcissistic about…

….. then come the Ultra Limited Edition garms…..


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3 Responses to Thought of the moment….

  1. konami says:

    It’s easy enough to get a custom shirt made. Do it!

  2. harlockhero says:

    remember: narcissus fell in love with his reflection, not himself!

  3. el_jaynus says:

    Doooo iiiiiiiit! I did considering getting a t-shirt with El Jaynus written on it, just to see if any stangers I chat to online recognise me, but I think my narcissism has gone far enough with being a member of rating communities.

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