Prince Harry, Knee-Jerk Reactionaries and using Fascism to fight Fascism.


It seems that if you drop a pebble in the mid-Pacific, the ripple radius’ll reach as far as San Fran and Okinawa.

Seriously, didn’t anyone find the furore raised over the Prince Harry faux pas just plain fucking ridiculous?

He wears a costume to a fucking fancy dress party and the whole world bays for his blood!? Sheesh!

I don’t give a rat’s arse how much of a figurehead he is; all the noise and bluster surrounding this borders on the insane. Where’s the rationality, people? I concede that it was hardly the smartest of moves for someone so high profile and within the camera’s reach to wear such a costume (Whatever happened to the paparazzi’s pledge not to hound the Princes in the wake of Diana’s death?), especially considering the Holocaust memorial was round the corner; but MPs of Jewish lineage branding Harry “stupid and evil” for a bit of adolescent arsing-around is just fucking pathetic! Even more so is newspapers all the way in Israel picking up the story, branding Harry “the Nazi Prince”. You’d think they’d have more immediate and valid things to be worried about down there, like the Palestinian terrorists trying to blow them up.

I dunno – it seems one can wear the uniforms of the rapacious Vikings and Romans with nothing in the way of an eyebrow being raised; or, for a more contemporary example, the uniforms of Stalin and Chairman Mao would probably go down a treat in many circles. And if you really want a pat on the back, dress like Che Guevera, a Sandista or Castro.

Remember kids, wearing the costume of a Commie killer wins you social-awareness points!

If it isn’t a stupid group of Sikhs whining for a play to be censored, or a concussed coven of Christians raising a (no doubt self-fabricated) fuss over the BBC screening Jerry Springer: The Opera, it’s this bullshit. The funny thing is that most of the uproar in this matter is caused by people who were not even victims of the regime they decry – a lot like those present day Black Americans who cry out for slavery reparations, breaking out in cold sweats upon sight of a Rebel Flag (more on all that in another post).

And how this whole sorry sideshow has prompted, the Eurocrats to follow in Germany’s folly and propose a ban on the use of the swastika across Europe. Excuse me, but what the fuck will this accomplish exactly? If those fuckers in the EU want an ignorant populace they can go right ahead and slam down a ban; however, if they think that they’ll cut away the cancer of racism, they’re living in Limbo! If the far-Right groups prevalent in that country are anything to go by, the ban in Germany has proved woefully ineffective in. Plus, this knee-jerk anti-swastika proposal is itself rooted in ignorance of the symbol’s origins – if a ban such as that went through, does that mean that Buddhists and Hindus could potentially become prison shower candidates? It wouldn’t surprise me!

But then again, using fascism to fight fascism is fast becoming the latest political trend…

Once again, I’m left wondering: “Where’d all the rationality go?”


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