Who’s your Daddy?

Remember my little rant about sexual double standards a month or two back? Well, watching yesterday’s edition of The Wright Stuff made another manifestation of this social cancer all the more evident….

One of the subjects brought up for discussion on the show was paternity testing, generally being argued from the angle of whether or not the kids, in the event of being conceived via an affair, should be allowed to know who their real father is. Disdainfully – thought not surprisingly – most people elected to keep things hush-hush for fear of “upsetting the apple cart”. Unsurprisingly in this context, most of these pro-deception panellists were female; yet even the outspoken George Galloway – the man who gave Dubya the big “what for” concerning the Iraq War – elected to embrace the bliss of “what you won’t know won’t hurt you”.

I think I only remember one voice of opposition to this popular and cherished viewpoint.

The response to some of the callers proved ever the more contemptible. When Wright took phone views on the issue – as is customary on his show – he heard from a caller who told of how he’d chosen to play daddums to the kid conceived from his wife’s affair. To this, the whole room – that is Wright, his panellists and the audience – clapped heartily. Now I’m stood staring at the TV screen with a look somewhere between befuddlement and disgust, wondering why the fuck anyone with an active braincell would find this poor bastard’s choice anything to applaud. That’s not noble or “manly” or any other other adjective you’d care to throw his way – it’s the pure fucking lockstep sound of a slave, lacking the prerequisite self-regard to break his imaginary shackles.

Many bemoan the fact that many relationship attempts end up as abortions. I myself am glad that people have the sense and self-respect to sever – if not completely avoid – weak or tainted connections. The happily united eighty year old couples with decades of marital bliss behind them are most likely an exception in any time. I’m willing to bet that, for every successful happily-long marriage there were twice as many “successful” unhappily-long marriages kicking around. In light of the poor judgement and lack of prerequisite self-knowledge and self-mastery seen in many people, the de-sanctification of marriages and partnerships for their own sake is something to rejoice rather than revile.

Thus when you have peeps holding onto relationships they should have aborted ages ago, I can’t help wondering that they’re merely placating the partner or mistaken societal notions of morality. Morality? Pah! The same society that’d condemn a man for walking out on a gold-digging cheat would support said cheat’s will to deception – nice to see peeps are consistent, eh? When Wright, his panel and the caller tried to drum up support for the latter’s stance by talking of the bond between the false father and his “son”, I felt like rolling my eyes and laughing – when all else fails “think of the children” is the shibboleth spoken by those with not a leg to stand on! Beyond that, since when is affection based on deception something to hold onto and cherish? The kid isn’t his and his wife has proven herself to be of questionable integrity – why the fuck should he stick around, stifling his resentment under platitudes of “parental feeling”?

Scorn upon the culture that generates pain, suffering and animosity in its desire to “spare feelings” and “avoid rocking the applecart”! Such a pathetic irony brings me to the conclusion that we’d all be better off if we cared less about each other’s feelings – that is, if each of us, alone, resolved to put our self-respect ahead of the hobgoblin that is “social reputation”.

As Anton La Vey once wrote – responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires. The only decent thing to do in such a situation is to ditch the millstone and leave the scheming spouse to pick up the tab. Much better than having one’s back broken under the wheel of slave morality, no?


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