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Okay my next big post is going to be a review of his poo poo because I loving *loathe* this shitstain.

Are you going to be posting that destruction of MRDA’s blog entry any time soon? I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep comfortably tonight unless I see that abomination in pieces on the kitchen floor.

I loving can’t tonight, I’m still too angry from the surprise sex megapost. I honestly felt sickened and nauseous by his blog– the guy is talking about how feminists are dumb and surprise sex just happens because men are honey [sic] while posting graphic surprise sex porn as a joke, “hilarious” demotivotional posters about gang surprise sex, and calling surprise sex victims “stinkyhole,” “lezzers,” and “slabs of meat.” I do not have the loving energy.

– Convo on the Something Awful forums


This is the blog of one of the worst tropers that ever existed: MRDA 1980-something. This is a guy who laughs at surprise sex victims, apologizes for paedophiles, and advocates violent misogyny. And it’s all written in such a smug, hosed up way that you just want to strangle the guy.

See for youself [sic] if you’re feeling masochistic enough.

Sawboss Jones, another member of the Something Awful Goon squad


After browsing around this twisted excuse for a website, having stumbled upon it by unfortunate accident, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are clearly a psycho-sexual deviant of the lowest form. A sick fuck. I find myself wanting to track you down and “lay hands” upon you. In the religious sense of course. Hope I get the chance to meet you in person. Have a nice day.

– A rather fruity fellow who calls himself “Satan”


MRDA, your blog isn’t anything like whoever said: “he’s the guy who laughs surprise sex victims, apologizes for paedophiles, and advocates violent misogyny”. Your main thing (which makes you 80-kinds of epicly awesome btw) is deconstructing, rebuking, and flat-out ridiculing the carry-over slave moralities that accompany secular -isms that people hold so sacred that they cannot be questioned. (Oh, as well as ridiculing the religious ones!) You’re a hammer when it comes to smashing rhetorical entitlements, dogmatic cognitive dissonances, biases of ideals trumping commonsense realities, false dichotomies, and other such lovely things. Honestly, your blog is a fun, neat, clever, approach to the transvaluation of all values.

Ismael Sarepta, author and blogger at Codex Sarepticus


Great article. This is why you can quote Mencken and not have your own writing pale in comparison.

Davis Aurini, author and blogger at Stares At the World


I just checked out your blog. I must say in all sincerity that your writing is quite excellent; it is witty, informed, and sardonic enough to make the reader feel both entertained and informed.

Émelyne Museaux, Haitan Free Thinker


I’m pissed about agreeing with you all of the time. I’m too cool to be a fucking groupie.

Becky Kervokian, blogger at Meat Curtain of Doom


[MRDA] runs this really great blog here where he shares his incendiary, thoughtful and funny views on politics and social norms. It has all of the hallmarks of a great blog, the type that everyone posts and reposts and shares and argues on except for one thing: It’s too fucking intelligent.

He doesn’t get the number of trolls and haters you need to have an infamous blog because the scary truths are hidden behind some really quality writing that puts idiots to sleep before they get to the part about the Nanny state or liberal hypocrisy. If you’re intelligent enough to read his blog, you’re intelligent enough to see his point of view. It’s a real catch-22 of being one of the smartest dudes on the internet.

Gilbert Smith, cartoonist/blogger at Too Tuff To Cry


In case you don’t yet follow the blog of my cantankerous mate [MRDA], you should. Because he’s a bitter insightful old man who’s sheer delight to read.

Kevin Pinkerton, author


I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite so thoughtful with quite as much porn in it.

Ann Sterzinger, author, blogger, columnist, editor, translator, and general misanthrope

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