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ANNIVERSARY!!! MRDA Completes the 24th Chapter!!

Prising apart his eyelids, MRDA began his New Year with a groan …. … and with a cry of “Viva the Age of War!!” resolved to power through…. ~MRDA~

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On Defilement and Desert

So, if the news sources and statistics stand to be believed, a third of Britons believe that women who act flirtatiously aid and abet their rape. Reading about this in various media made me think about a few things…. Many … Continue reading

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An Interesting Dalai Lama Quote…

“The moment you think just of yourself and disregard others, then because of your own attitude, you also get the feeling that other people also have a similar attitude towards you. That brings suspicion, fear. Result? You yourself lose inner … Continue reading

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From the Maw of the Reaper Came: “Carpe Diem!”

Thoughts of life and death linger on my mind at this time; exposing oneself to art emphasising these opposites and the struggle and synergy between them tends to bring on such thoughts…. The horror flick Saw 2 really impressed and … Continue reading

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This is probably a week late, but what-the-hey….. I’m sure that most, if not all, of my UK readers know of the public smoking ban, due to take effect within the next year or two. Now I could go into … Continue reading

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