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Touch of the Paedophile! You are Already (Brain-)Dead… (or “How to Make Your Little Boy Feel Special: Complete with Instructions.”)

When I first heard about Amazon selling Phillip Ray Greaves II’s e-book The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct back in November, I nearly pissed myself with laughter: immediately, the (alternate) title quote from an … Continue reading

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For any EastEnders viewers on my list : A Simple Equation

+ = As Dragon Ball Z‘s King Kai would say: “Oh yeah – it’s fusion!” That explains why those two have been off the public radar for quite some time, I guess. Old eighties synthpop artists don’t die – they … Continue reading

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An Oldie but a Goody! MRDA Contra (Celebrity) Big Brother Britain!

  Well, I’m glad this whole Celeb Big Brother drama came to an end last week; keeping up with it (in every which way but actually watching the damn show) confirmed my suspicions about public morality being little more than … Continue reading

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Transformers: The Headmasters – The MRDA Overview…..

Before I start, I must say how glad I feel to finally view and own this series in its entirety, with the original Japanese soundtrack preserved. Although the subtitlers fucked up in places (in one key instance putting vital spoiler … Continue reading

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Fucking Slappers!

Nothing like some light Thursday Night viewing…. Tonight : Mugging for Kicks ITV, 10pm First off this one was misleadingly titled, as it wasn’t about mugging but rather “Happy Slapping” – the new youth craze which involves slapping random persons … Continue reading

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