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Sitting in something akin to serenity Always has this effect The inducement of a feeling The evocation of a purpose For the pen to imprint on paper The memory, musings and essence Of he who wields it In his hands … Continue reading

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Revival Of The Alchemist…

Hmm..reading & reminiscence can have an interesting effect on a creative mind. Diana Rose Hartmann’s plea for women to live & breathe in inner harmony – to amalgamate the saint & sinner within and become the “Whole, Wholly, Holy Whore” … Continue reading

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On A Lighter, Less Mushy Note…..

Fun at the Titty Twister. Which B-Movie Badass Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

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Protected: Mi Querida….

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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“Pancake Day?Meh!”

Why is it that you can’t hear enough about lame public holidays/occasions, like say….Christmas; yet when summat decent like Pancake Day comes along, tis only mentioned in a passing breath…AND ONLY IN THE DYING THROES OF THE DAY ITSELF!? Is … Continue reading

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Oh..And Another Thing…..

If I hear one more bleating from those Parliament pricks about how a terror attack is “inevitable”, I’ll be very tempted to do a Guy Fawkes and napalm the Houses of Cocksucking myself, thereby fulfilling their incessant death-wish of a … Continue reading

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Dumbarse Slogans (Part 1)

"One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter" Fucking hell! That has got to be one of the most fucking stupid sentences ever uttered by a so-called "rational" form of life. Were those Al-Qaeda cunts "freeing" the WTC victims from … Continue reading

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Escribed From Ennui….

I think one of the main things that continue to hold me back in life is my inability to live in the moment. Now when I say this, I’m not talking about following a flash of a whim which ultimately … Continue reading

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Random thought….

I need to be less of a test slut….I’ll confine meself to a test a week…if that… Like that’ll last…. We’ll see…..;) ~MRDA~

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Music Is The Celebration Of The Human Spirit….NOT Its Confinement!

Music is (or at least should be) an art-form, an expression; an organic process as natural, useful, sensible, essential – ENRICHING – as breath itself… not a “lifestyle choice” or demographic denominator…such generic “lifestyle choices” are strait-jacket constraints, imposed by … Continue reading

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