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Another great quote….

“Preachers of universal unselfishness want you to help any self in the world—AS LONG AS IT’S NOT *YOU*. Forced love, from body or paycheck, is rape. And it will always produce hate and misery.” -Robert Austin (reviewing The Virtue of … Continue reading

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Cuntrag – is thy name CAP?

This article is a truly disgusting slab of slave morality. Read this and weep – not that you’ll need any prompt to do the latter if the former is followed through…. ~MRDA~

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The Anti-Survival Instinct?

Very often I hear people say how human beings as a species have a natural survival instinct – judging by the behaviour of young children, I find this extremely hard to believe. Often when running stock out down an aisle … Continue reading

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On Street Fighters, spin-offs & standalones…

Revisiting a film or show after a helluva long time sure throws its pros ‘n’ cons into sharp relief. Whereas upon first viewing, one generally views things with a receptive eye, taking in all the stimuli of a new situation, … Continue reading

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Left-Hand Path

More work shenanigans lead to more questionings of the point behind certain behaviours…. Yesterday at lunch break, whilst I was indulging in a few Maccy D morsels (shut up!) I was warned by a Muslim colleague of mine to not … Continue reading

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Fucking Slappers!

Nothing like some light Thursday Night viewing…. Tonight : Mugging for Kicks ITV, 10pm First off this one was misleadingly titled, as it wasn’t about mugging but rather “Happy Slapping” – the new youth craze which involves slapping random persons … Continue reading

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Emotional Constipation & The Tyranny of the Smileocracy

You have yet to learn the trauma of happiness So do not preach to me as if you know -Melissa Ellis (aka) Mistress Strangelove Why the long face? Did your beloved leave you for that bloke she’s secretly been shagging … Continue reading

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