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Either Way, It’s American Displacement Day

Yesterday yielded another round of commotion regarding the infamous Christopher Columbus, designated “discoverer” of the so-called “New World” (Leif Erikson moans from Midgard!). No doubt, the less-than-vocal majority of Statesiders were simply thrilled to get a day off from work; … Continue reading

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Land of the Reiching Sun? A Conflict Without Heroes

A few days back, I had the displeasure of reading a clickbait “article”, on the misleadingly named Dangerous Minds blog, concerning the Far Eastern fondness for Nazi aesthetics. I made the mistake of thinking I’d get something momentarily interesting out … Continue reading

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Modernity and Its Discontents: Nietzsche’s Critique, by Douglas Kellner

Ported over to the Inferno for improved legibility, this serves as a rather comprehensive overview of Fritz’s thoughts on the trends and currents that compose what many call “modernity”. Rewarding reading for those with time to invest, despite the often … Continue reading

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Step Out of My Sunshine! Reflections of a Libertarian Cynic

Kevin I. Slaughter, Satanic Reverend and owner of publishing house Underworld Amusements, expressed this sentiment not-so-long ago: I don’t adhere to any specific political party or platform, but reading comments on the internet underlines the folly of any political system … Continue reading

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The Myth of Morality by Sidney E. Parker

Sid’s Note: A lecture given to the South Place Ethical Society on June 3 1990. A much abridged version appeared in The Ethical Record for February 1991. Morality is concerned with rightdoing and wrongdoing. Thou shalt cannot be separated from … Continue reading

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Incels, Invalids, & Intimacy: A MRDAtarian Perspective

A week ago, my favourite bottle fairy (Cheers, Tink!) drew my attention to an interesting Guardian article dealing with the sex drives of disabled folk. Triggered by recent revelations of care home workers hiring sex surrogates to sate the lusts … Continue reading

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MRDArous Aphorisms: A Compilation

Sometimes, concision can make a better incision. If “real men don’t buy girls”, does that make the sex trade a collective hallucination? “Innocence” is merely an adult’s romanticised view of childhood ignorance. Intelligence is no guarantee of decreased fallibility; in … Continue reading

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“Homo Sapiens? Really?”

One of my latest literary acquisitions has been both a source of extreme interest and extreme aggravation. Written sometime in the mid-eighties, Gerald B. Lorentz’s Homo, 99 and 44/100% Nonsapiens combines history, (mis)anthroplogy, Social (and biological) Darwinism, determinism, eugenics, and … Continue reading

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The Amoralic Acid of L.A. Rollins

This gem of a quote from L.A Rollins’ The Myth of Natural Rights serves as something of a companion piece to yesterday’s post… If there are no unconditional “musts” or “oughts,” then there are no “duties” or “moral obligations.” Which … Continue reading

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Ted Bundy: Philosophical Predator

I found this dialogue on a God-botherer site and I thought it worth sharing. Say what you will about Bundy’s deeds and desires, but I like his unflinching logic. Following is a recorded conversation between serial killer Ted Bundy and … Continue reading

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