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Reflection, Revival, & Resolution: Towards an Infernal Rekindling

Well, I guess the Infernal Return didn’t play out in quite the fashion I planned. Despite my best wishes to revive regular posting in 2017, other affairs, great and small, put paid to my ambitions. Without going into detail, my … Continue reading

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Modernity and Its Discontents: Nietzsche’s Critique, by Douglas Kellner

Ported over to the Inferno for improved legibility, this serves as a rather comprehensive overview of Fritz’s thoughts on the trends and currents that compose what many call “modernity”. Rewarding reading for those with time to invest, despite the often … Continue reading

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A Three-Donged Attack!! Cameron’s Paedocentric Pornhibition

Well, labias and jerkermen, looks like it’s happening! After a protracted *ahem* tug of war with the UK’s ISPs, the combined forces of Parliament, the Daily Mail, and the Mumsnet mafia will finally have their way with the nation’s internet … Continue reading

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Halal & Hypocrisy VIII: He Who Fights Muslims…

With the latest stories of sex and slaughter involving those adhered to Allah, it comes as no surprise to see Muslims receiving something of a scourging from some sectors of the wider British public. Recent reactions to the slaying of … Continue reading

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Step Out of My Sunshine! Reflections of a Libertarian Cynic

Kevin I. Slaughter, Satanic Reverend and owner of publishing house Underworld Amusements, expressed this sentiment not-so-long ago: I don’t adhere to any specific political party or platform, but reading comments on the internet underlines the folly of any political system … Continue reading

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A Letter to a Friend, by Laurance Labadie

I encountered this letter whilst leafing through my copy of the individualist anarchist anthology Enemies of Society. Like those by L.A. Rollins and Aschwin De Wolf, this hard-nosed critique of natural rights serves as a succinct corrective to much of … Continue reading

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Contagion! The FaceBorg Equality Epidemic

Thanks to a good chunk of my Facebook friendslist, I came face-to-face with the latest meme virus to infect the social conscience. Hear those squeaky wheels, lushes and reprobates? That’s the sound of the latest bandwagon rolling into town. Its … Continue reading

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A Demagogue’s Durr-cree: Ballot Determines Biology!

Reading about black American preachers urging their flocks to keep their bleating away from the ballot box gave me a warm glow inside, some two weeks back. Faced with the Hobson’s choice between an adherent to a historically negrophobic Christian … Continue reading

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Slaves to Duty, by John Badcock(!)

This one seems to have slipped down the memory hole with the rest of Nonserviam, so I’m reposting it here for easy reference—happy reading!   ~MRDA~

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Tim Minchin: DemocraTURD

Another Wright Stuff; another fucking stupid panellist. Do they have some sort of quota system for that show? Roasting in the Inferno today, we have the one, the only…Tiiiiim Minchin! I damn near did a double-take when I heard him … Continue reading

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