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Excerpts from ‘Stanzas from the Kasidah’ by Sir Richard Burton

There is no Good, there is no Bad; These be the whims of mortal will: What works me weal that call I “good,” What harms and hurts I hold as “ill:’ They change with place, they shift with race; And, … Continue reading

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Halal & Hypocrisy IV: Other Voices of Dissent

Even a stopped clock gets it right twice a day: Banning the burqa doesn’t further women’s rights – it limits them. Now, obviously there’s a difference in Islamic women’s dress from the hijab to the burqa – but legally banning … Continue reading

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MRDA’s Crowning Music of Animé #8: Yūkyō Seishunka by ALI PROJECT (from Code Geass)

Cos I’m on a big Geass kick right now and this song’s fucking awesome! Down with Britannia! ~MRDA~

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