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Reprobate Resurgence: MRDA’s Infernal Return!

Well, that was the longest fucking hiatus ever! How’ve you cunts been? There’s so much I’ve wanted to say over the past ten or so months, but life and lethargy got in the way. Hopefully, the latter is over, writing-wise. … Continue reading

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Must We Have Myths To Be Happy? by Mack Tanner

Originally posted on the now-defunct Build Freedom site, this noteworthy piece by one Mack Tanner fell beyond the reach of even the Wayback Machine. Fortunately, I had a printout lying around from way back when, and with a scan here, … Continue reading

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Either Way, It’s American Displacement Day

Yesterday yielded another round of commotion regarding the infamous Christopher Columbus, designated “discoverer” of the so-called “New World” (Leif Erikson moans from Midgard!). No doubt, the less-than-vocal majority of Statesiders were simply thrilled to get a day off from work; … Continue reading

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Modernity and Its Discontents: Nietzsche’s Critique, by Douglas Kellner

Ported over to the Inferno for improved legibility, this serves as a rather comprehensive overview of Fritz’s thoughts on the trends and currents that compose what many call “modernity”. Rewarding reading for those with time to invest, despite the often … Continue reading

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Little Shops of Horror

Once again, lushes and reprobates, we arrive at that cold-yet-colourful time of year, when ghouls, trolls, and hobgoblins emerge from the underworld to plague the psyches of those all-too-ready to shriek, shudder, and squirm at their presence. And once again, … Continue reading

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Bane Anniversaire!

Well, lushes and reprobates, it came and went (again): that date of dates forever marked by the emergence of emergency across the pond twelve years ago yesterday. (Sadly, the planned commemorative Muslim ‘n’ biker bash in D.C. failed to take … Continue reading

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Step Out of My Sunshine! Reflections of a Libertarian Cynic

Kevin I. Slaughter, Satanic Reverend and owner of publishing house Underworld Amusements, expressed this sentiment not-so-long ago: I don’t adhere to any specific political party or platform, but reading comments on the internet underlines the folly of any political system … Continue reading

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Goff Limits! Pantheon of the Persecuted or the Patronised?

As if membership amongst the officially oppressed wasn’t crowded enough, Greater Manchester police saw fit to induct goths, metalheads, and others of “alternative” persuasion into the Pantheon of the Persecuted last week. Attacks against goths, punks, emo kids, metallers and … Continue reading

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The Bulging Blindspot: Consent, Culpability, & Consistency

Last fortnight marked the twenty year anniversary of the murder of James Bulger and, as expected, media outlets opined and emoted on cue about the fatal events that marked the day and “shocked the nation”. Inevitably, the commemorations bled over … Continue reading

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Incels, Invalids, & Intimacy: A MRDAtarian Perspective

A week ago, my favourite bottle fairy (Cheers, Tink!) drew my attention to an interesting Guardian article dealing with the sex drives of disabled folk. Triggered by recent revelations of care home workers hiring sex surrogates to sate the lusts … Continue reading

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