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Jesus Fucking Christ!

I really, really can’t stand Jehovah’s fucking Witnesses nor any other Born-Again evangelizing motherfuckers! Just under three hours ago , I got engaged in a doorstep "debate" with two of the former (again)…. ….and I just finished arguing with two … Continue reading

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Amusement, Audacity and …Armpit-Fucking!?!? Marquis de Sade FTW!!!

Makes school Sex Ed. class sound like…..well, school Sex Ed. class! (Exclamations mine!) DOLMANCE, who, as he discusses them, one by one touches the parts of Madame de Saint-Ange’s body — I begin. I will say nothing of these fleshy … Continue reading

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Comment I left on concerning the court decision to uphold the ban on Manhunt 2….

Absolutely disgusting! The court decision seems as clear an indicator as any as to which way the wind blows in this country concerning censorship and freedom of expression. This country’s government sanctimoniously bombs Iraqi and Afghani towns, criticizes third-world dictatorships … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on My Future

Venting one’s spleen at work with a trusted co-worker helps make my air cleaner to breathe and remove much in the way of fog. By June 2008, I will have terminated my employment at Currys Beckton. No turning back – … Continue reading

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On Apologists for Bullying

Reading reviews for the film If…. on – many of which speak of the boarding school bullying that takes place in the film – reminded me of the oft uttered phrase by some parents and educational authority figures “bullying … Continue reading

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Protected: First Step to Freedom? MRDA Initiates the Escape Plan!!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The MRDA Expansion Pack 08: The Man and His Plan

Wow – so 2008 has arrived and not a flying hovercar in sight? Futuristic 80s sci-fi – meet the Trade Descriptions Act! My childhood naivete has been sorely betrayed! Never mind – on with the post… In relation to what … Continue reading

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