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The gestation period is over!

I’ve fathered my first child of 2005! I’ve christened this li’l beauty R.I.D. Enjoy…. ~MRDA~

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Communication let me down…. And I’m left here…. -Spandau Ballet Sometimes, I really don’t understand people – I wish I did. It’s like I have this gulf between myself and others which would take a hefty fucker of a bridge … Continue reading

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No Affiliation – juuuust the way I like it!

You’re a Non-box. What box do you get put in? brought to you by Quizilla

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Holocaust Memorial

Lest the mistakes of the past be repeated, let us remember these points…. The first thing the Nazis did before initiating their persecution and extermination of the Jewish populace was to strip them of their right to bear arms. Nazis … Continue reading

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Damned Holy Rollers….

Jesus Fucking Christ! Bible-bashers just don’t know when to quit the dogma…. Good, generally rational people with a Christian worldview I can get along with. Bible-bashing dogmatists, with the monopoly on “Truth” and “the Way”, who never stop to check … Continue reading

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The Sisyphus Syndrome

Calluses on his hands, calluses on his soul Hard boiled son-of-a-bitch! Scraping away on the down hill grind It’s a means to an end – a mean end for most – Lamb of God This has to be one of … Continue reading

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Parental Responsibilities

I’ve two poems still lying in suspended animation – I can’t let myself fall into a pattern of unfinished works, like some bloke who walks out on his pregnant woman for no good reason. These embryos conceived will yet see … Continue reading

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Bladdered 24-7!

This Seamagic client thang I’m writing this entry on really makes journal entries less of a chore to type – I appreciate that! Anyhow, I’m hearing a lot of noise and bluster about the 24-hour drinking proposals being laid down … Continue reading

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Prince Harry, Knee-Jerk Reactionaries and using Fascism to fight Fascism.

It seems that if you drop a pebble in the mid-Pacific, the ripple radius’ll reach as far as San Fran and Okinawa. Seriously, didn’t anyone find the furore raised over the Prince Harry faux pas just plain fucking ridiculous? He … Continue reading

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Since I tied on this particular testing……

You scored as Intrapersonal. You prefer your own inner world, you like to be alone, and you are aware of your own strengths, weaknesses, and feelings. You learn best by engaging in independent study projects rather than working on group … Continue reading

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