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Some Great Anti-Democracy Quotes

Mr. Gray protests against censorship as undemocratic. (Censorship may be illiberal — against freedom — but not necessarily against the majority.) Mr. Black is against Negro lynching, denouncing it as undemocratic. (As soon as the majority of a township wants … Continue reading

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MRDA’s Crowning Music of Animé #6: ‘Heart of Madness’ by Kodomo Band (From Hokuto no Ken: The Movie)

Because YOU WA SHOCK was too obvious a choice: Poignant, yet powerful—as befits a first-class 80s tune! The recent revision ain’t too shabby either: LOL @ Grand Moff Toki! ~MRDA~

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Big Fucking Brother and the Sanctity of Life…again…

Those crazy fucking dags Down Under are at it again… From the land that brought you proposed net censorship and videogame bannage comes the government swear jar. Meanwhile in Brazil, we see the results of taking “the sanctity of life” … Continue reading

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