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Light the fuse and stand back….

Comment anonymously! Tell me something, ask me something. Make a statement about yourself or the day you’re having. Say anything!

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Sweet Lucifer!!! Are you having a laugh?

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful: Not what I expected, but still great, September 9, 2005 Reviewer: Murry D. (Boca Raton, FL) – See all my reviews I really enjoyed this movie, I think it is the … Continue reading

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MRDA On The Waste Of Cerebral Sperm That Is [Supersize Me]…..

(Originally a response to another My Space blog by Firelover…) Anyone who sees that fucking “documentary” as “illuminating,” “groundbreaking,” “eye-opening” or whatever is a surefire future candidate for a motherfucking Darwin Award! Easily the most pointless film/documentary ever made; yet … Continue reading

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“ROLE MODEL” SUPER-TRAP!! A Polemic Against The Moss-Minded!

Holy fucking shit! Kate Moss takes DRUGS!?!? Well, stop the front page, motherfucker! Seriously, what is the big deal, eh? She’s just one in a million heroin-chic whores in her industry – the only thing she did that was such … Continue reading

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Rational Self-Interests Elaborated

LJ Interests meme results atheism:My Christian faith started disintegrating in my mid-teens, when I began to ponder questions such as “If the world was meant to be perfect why plonk a tree with Knowledge of Good and Evil in the … Continue reading

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The Virtue of Cosmopolitanism: A Useful Tool for an Egocultural Mindset

Cultural conflict has probably been the major reason why division by collective has scarred human history, and prevented the cooperation of individuals. Just as we should not view cultures as distinct entities, but rather accumulated traditions which multiple individuals share, … Continue reading

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Thought nugget for future elaboration

I sometimes wonder if the battle between “egoism” and “altruism” is, at least half the time, a battle based on mere mistaken semantics…. ~MRDA~

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Anarchy, Authoritarianism & Autonomy with Violence Jack

In light of recent events, I decided to review an animé often overlooked and dismissed as brainless trash and give it the justice it duly deserves…. Imagine the town, city or country you live in is hit by a natural … Continue reading

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Response to a My Space entry by Firelover (fnguitard04) concerning Kanye West….

Pah! Who the fuck cares about most celebrity opinions? We all know that said celebrity opinions are generic and worthless – especially in comparison to mine! ~MRDA~

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