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Way of the Ronin, Baby!!! ^_^

Rogue Ninja You scored 8 Honor, 3 Justice, 4 Adventure, and 8 Individuality! You are as quiet as the wind, deadly as a viper and you follow no master. You are a Rogue Ninja. Let no one say you are … Continue reading

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Reprise: My E-Posted Response To A Question Time Debate on Religious Hate Laws

“I really fail to see how one can argue points such as freedom of speech whilst defending bills against "racial & religious hatred" and the like; like it or not, freedom of speech encompasses freedom to utter sentiments contrary to … Continue reading

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On the Deus that is Democracy…..

In our own time, we treat political heretics harshly and cruelly, but because we have learned to believe in the necessity of the state we are not as sensitive to this cruelty as we are to that cruelty whose justification … Continue reading

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Transformers: The Headmasters – The MRDA Overview…..

Before I start, I must say how glad I feel to finally view and own this series in its entirety, with the original Japanese soundtrack preserved. Although the subtitlers fucked up in places (in one key instance putting vital spoiler … Continue reading

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