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Mulling Over….

Is it better to always defer to everyone else and end up in the right, or to soldier forward in one’s own conviction at the expense of accuracy and desirability of result? That sure bakes my noodle at times….. ~MRDA~

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“Apathy” or Affirmation?

I’m not being funny here but, I get really pissed of with the simple-mindedness of some people when it comes to the issue of voting. I’m talking about those who, quick as a flash, leap on a high horse to … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day….

Life is simple – it’s human beings that make it seem so fucking complicated….. Dare to be an exception – transcend the haze……. ~MRDA~

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Protected: Lament of a Fallen Devil, Nursing His Crushed Wings….

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Burning Thought….

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Transformers T-shirt a done up in a Hot Rod/ Rodimus Prime style; y’ Autobot symbol surrounded by flames? That’d be fucking lush! I need to learn shirt printing….I’d make a fucking fortune…

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Knee-Jerk Knuckleheadery #1: The GM Furore…..

Okay, what exactly is sifting around in some peoples arseholes about this issue? Seriously! I mean, we keep hearing how these foods are bad and destructive, and all the rest, and how they should be banned, but we never actually … Continue reading

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Dumbarse Slogans (Part II)

"There is no "I" in team" Of all the incessant, insipid, cockdropping…GAH! I just hate this fucking phrase with a vengeance! An extremely irritating (read:WANKY) way of getting one to bend over and touch one’s toes for the wants and … Continue reading

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