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Thus he descended from the mountain – and spoke!

My time is short – just time enough to write this to tell those who may be concerned that, due to my telecommunication capacity being…well incapacitated at my base of operations, my contact with this and other sites shall be … Continue reading

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Sensuality often hurries the growth of love too much, so that its roots remain weak and easy to pull out. – Friedrich Nietzsche In light of this whole attraction and engagement between these two Hollywood hopefuls, one has to wonder … Continue reading

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Life imitates art – adding a little on the top for bad measure

This ‘beat the crap out of poor bastards on the street’ business is basically A Clockwork Orange without the rape. –bastardzero on this post of mine. Looks like the infection has just developed an ugly new symptom….. ~MRDA~

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One of the many great things I love about Sin City

There is no settling down! This is blood for blood and by the gallons! It’s the old days. The bad days. The all-or-nothing days. They’re back! -Marv, Sin City With characters and dialogue like some fevered dream of Mickey Spillane’s, … Continue reading

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The slave morality of the “American Taliban” laid bare! (Cheers for this one,!)

My Un-Christian mind wonders…. …wouldn’t it be hilarious…. …and a beautiful instance of poetic justice…. ….if this coven of cocksuckers and cunts…. ….contracted the same AIDS they so virulently wish on those…. ….who would deviate from their mandates? Lucifer knows … Continue reading

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….yet it still rains down in Africa….

Watching the news, what do I see? More pathetic “do-gooding” from the geniuses who run the “Free” World… I grow increasingly sick and tired of the attitude that pumping more and more money into Africa will suddenly make its stricken … Continue reading

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Before, I thought Rob Rodriguez was one of my favourite directors… …. but now, after watching me Sin City….. ….. I KNOW he is! ~MRDA~

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On “The Meaning of Life” (a response to a post thread by staxxy)

“Personally I’m starting to think that defining one’s self and one’s own purposes in life and acting on them is better than pondering and wondering about “the meaning of life”, especially when there is no “meaning of life” besides the … Continue reading

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Book Meme from Ubermensch

1- Total number of books I own: You mean you want me to count!? I’ll just say a good shitload and leave it be… 2- Last book(s) I bought: The Genealogy of Morals & Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich … Continue reading

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Would I have it any other way?

– You Are The Outlaw “Sure, I’ll do it. Myway.” Just because you do not conform to the same lawsand rules as everyone else does not mean thatyou are a bad guy. You travel your own path,separate from those around … Continue reading

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