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For any EastEnders viewers on my list : A Simple Equation

+ = As Dragon Ball Z‘s King Kai would say: “Oh yeah – it’s fusion!” That explains why those two have been off the public radar for quite some time, I guess. Old eighties synthpop artists don’t die – they … Continue reading

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Becoming as a Quiz…

What philosophical archetype are you?created with You scored as Ubermensch You are Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideal overman. Challenging conventional morality and beliefs you overcome the nihilism of a world without god by utilising the will-to-power to create your own values. … Continue reading

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On the Jekyll/Hyde Effect of Political Correctness……

“Political correctness is a vile symptom of modern times. This condition does, however, have an even more vile and regressive side-effect. There is a growing reactionary response to political correctness that is people throwing themselves back into the pit of … Continue reading

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