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On Notice: Pet Peeves Past & Present

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On “Philanthropy” (An addendum to the last post, perhaps? )

Do people who insist that “one must serve a cause bigger than oneself” really mean to tell you how claustrophobic they feel in their own skin? ~MRDA~

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Power Struggle!! MRDA vs the NSPCC Holy Roller!

Yup – it seems what a lot of people say holds up to reality this time – it really ain’t safe to walk the streets any more…. ….what with all them murderers, rapists, ASBOites, street preachers…. and charity clipboarders on … Continue reading

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This is a good ‘un!

(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.) ✓ I miss somebody right now.  (“Oh ______!!!!!”) ✓ I don’t watch much TV these days. ✓ I own lots of books.  (I’m building an army) ✓ I wear glasses … Continue reading

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