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The Fabric(ation) of “Innocence”

The last eight days have been orgasmic for the UK moralfag contingent. Why? Well, beyond the de facto banning of Human Centipede II… Newspapers, Mothers Against Everything groups, and assorted Question Time panellists gave a resounding “hurrah” to a looming … Continue reading

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Question Time? Indeed, It Is!

Shame that some folk failed to get the memo… Watching Question Time on Thursday, I hadta roll my eyes at the moralistic endorsements of UN military intervention in Libya; Baroness Warsi‘s She-Ra fantasies of saving the poor Libyans from “the … Continue reading

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Dumbarse Phrases: The Double Team Revival Attack!!

Thursday the 21st of May 2009: I sit in front of the telly, watching Question Time: Special Smackdown Edition, listening to the panellists and public exchanging verbal volleys over our broken political process… …and I keep hearing this gem of … Continue reading

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