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The Amoralic Acid of L.A. Rollins

This gem of a quote from L.A Rollins’ The Myth of Natural Rights serves as something of a companion piece to yesterday’s post… If there are no unconditional “musts” or “oughts,” then there are no “duties” or “moral obligations.” Which … Continue reading

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Ted Bundy: Philosophical Predator

I found this dialogue on a God-botherer site and I thought it worth sharing. Say what you will about Bundy’s deeds and desires, but I like his unflinching logic. Following is a recorded conversation between serial killer Ted Bundy and … Continue reading

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Cannibal Holocaust & the Bestial Bukkakolypse

The last few weeks saw a rash of reportage centred around some particularly hungry customers, namely, those who possess a literal appetite for their fellow man. They certainly proved a colourful bunch: from Rudy “Face-Eater” Eugene; to “My Name is … Continue reading

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“A Union of Egoists on the Printed Page”

Via an unexpected collaboration with Chip Smith of The Hoover Hog, Enemies of Society, the individualist-anarchist digest I mentioned in a previous post, is now available through his publishing house, Nine-Banded Books—with a sales pitch scribed by Yours Truly! As an … Continue reading

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