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Mirai no MRDA: An Infernal Futurespective

And so, lushes and reprobates, we arrive in the year 2015 with nary a hoverboard or flying car in sight. I’ve felt kinda cheated ever since this century/millennium began, waiting for the 21st-century space age speculated by many an 80s … Continue reading

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Have Faith in Faith? MRDA Considers Suicide…

I’m sure there’s more to say, but, for now, this shall suffice…. Reading about Andy Nowicki’s Considering Suicide on the Hoover Hog intrigued me; having embraced the cold, uncaring void as the reality underlying existence, I found myself fascinated by … Continue reading

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300:The Aesthetics, The Politics, The Ethics…..

Got around to seeing 300 last week. A decent-enough film on a superficial level – I enjoyed it, but it can’t hold a candle to Sin City (another Miller adaptation) or Dawn of the Dead 2004 (Zack Snyder‘s previous work). … Continue reading

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Transformers: The Headmasters – The MRDA Overview…..

Before I start, I must say how glad I feel to finally view and own this series in its entirety, with the original Japanese soundtrack preserved. Although the subtitlers fucked up in places (in one key instance putting vital spoiler … Continue reading

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Anarchy, Authoritarianism & Autonomy with Violence Jack

In light of recent events, I decided to review an animé often overlooked and dismissed as brainless trash and give it the justice it duly deserves…. Imagine the town, city or country you live in is hit by a natural … Continue reading

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Appleseed 2004: An Overview

Masamune Shirow is well known, amongst other things, for his technocratic, highly-intricate future worlds as seen in the likes of Dominion and, more famously Ghost In the Shell; however, as far as I’m concerned, Appleseed remains the strongest of his … Continue reading

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On Street Fighters, spin-offs & standalones…

Revisiting a film or show after a helluva long time sure throws its pros ‘n’ cons into sharp relief. Whereas upon first viewing, one generally views things with a receptive eye, taking in all the stimuli of a new situation, … Continue reading

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Fucking Slappers!

Nothing like some light Thursday Night viewing…. Tonight : Mugging for Kicks ITV, 10pm First off this one was misleadingly titled, as it wasn’t about mugging but rather “Happy Slapping” – the new youth craze which involves slapping random persons … Continue reading

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The Cats’ve got the cream – oh yes!

So I went and got hold of a copy of Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof on DVD yesterday. It’s been bloody ages since I last saw this animé (I must have been in secondary school when it debuted on these shores), and … Continue reading

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