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Life’s a gamble at times – get used to it!

More manic mollycoddling from They That Know Best, sitting over us in their self-imposed superiority…. Apparently gambling is an evil that needs to be kept at bay by the fat, fleshy hands of Nanny State…. ..and it’s gambling addiction that … Continue reading

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Thought of the moment – trusting one’s native soul…

Maybe I should stop thinking in terms of “becoming a hero” and just concentrate on being me – see what comes of that… (More on Hero the flick later…) ~MRDA~

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An existence trapped within a memory; a memory trapped within a fantasy…..

In the process of contemplation and creation, I realize that I truly am a Chimerical bastard…. At least there’s been some semblance of active thinking and doing to counterbalance the passive dreaming, but more on that later – in the … Continue reading

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Oldboy – dilemmas and delicacies….

So I managed to see that new Korean flick Oldboy. Certainly a film to remember. It’s one of those flicks that leaves an enduring Big Question lingering in one’s mind – which is always a good thing as far as … Continue reading

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Hooked on extortion

Bah-stards! I cast my eyes over my latest payslip…. Earnings (before tax): £605.81 Earnings (post-tax) : £446 So that’s over a quarter of my hard-earned being flushed down the toilet bowl of government spending…. Fucking disgusting! This sense of violation … Continue reading

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“Have you ever been inside of the new masterpiece?”

Okay,I conceived this one in my mind yesterday, and birthed it onto paper and screen t’day…not Byron, Keats or Poe, but I like it nowt the less – certainly had fun putting it together… Some People ~MRDA~

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“Desire is irrelevant – I am…a machine!”

Sometimes I actually do wonder if I’m a cyborg, or an android… Sometimes I wish I were one of the two… Sometimes I do a mean emulation of the latter… Sometimes I watch too many sci-fi flicks! ~MRDA~

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Procrastination is the devil on my shoulder…

I’ve been procrastinating in regard to posts; a myriad of subjects started and not one finished Plus of course there’s been work – not that that’s an excuse….. This will be rectified in due course…. In the meantime here’s an … Continue reading

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The first steps toward la vida buena….

I’m feeling that, after everything, there may just be hope for me yet… Over the last few weeks,I’ve managed to procure those extra days at work I’d been after for fucking ages – it feels great to know that my … Continue reading

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MRDA returns, with a vengeance!!

Damn, it seems like forever, but after staving off the dual beasts of work and weariness, here I am again – hope you’ve all been well… I’ve got quite a lot I want to say over the next week, but … Continue reading

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