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Storm in a Ski Mask: A (Qualified) Defence of Ken Clarke

Whoever coined the phrase “ignorance is bliss” was obviously talking bollocks, judging by the folk fuming over what they thought Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said about rape. I admit letting out a few laughs over the mention of him talking about … Continue reading

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Tim Minchin: DemocraTURD

Another Wright Stuff; another fucking stupid panellist. Do they have some sort of quota system for that show? Roasting in the Inferno today, we have the one, the only…Tiiiiim Minchin! I damn near did a double-take when I heard him … Continue reading

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Sex and the Shibboleth

If rape isn’t about sex, there are an awful lot of penises and vaginas that need explaining. –Jim Goad   I’ll always get shit/I’ll always get shit/for acknowledging perversity… –American Head Charge A week or three back, a Guardian article … Continue reading

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Dumbarse Phrases: Democratard Dictum as a Deadly Decree

After reading a particularly potent response to Jim Goad’s ‘Electing Not to Vote’, I wonder if the democratard dictum, “If you don’t vote, you’ve no right to complain” betrays a certain unwitting assumption: namely that one’s freedom of speech is … Continue reading

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Dumbarse Phrases: The Double Team Revival Attack!!

Thursday the 21st of May 2009: I sit in front of the telly, watching Question Time: Special Smackdown Edition, listening to the panellists and public exchanging verbal volleys over our broken political process… …and I keep hearing this gem of … Continue reading

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Disgusting and Contemptuous!! The Self-Medicated Disease of Negative Identity Politics!

I read a phrase the other day….. to be oppressed is the essence of being a woman ….and sighed out an “Oh, for fuck’s sake!” once again. It reminded me of something I heard somewhere along the way (probably on … Continue reading

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On “Philanthropy” (An addendum to the last post, perhaps? )

Do people who insist that “one must serve a cause bigger than oneself” really mean to tell you how claustrophobic they feel in their own skin? ~MRDA~

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Dumbarse Phrases Revival: Till Death Do Us (Life) Part(ner)?

Which bright spark decided to coin the term “life-partner”? I saw it used on someone’s blog and cringed – again! I mean, why refer to one’s chief romantic tie in such a utilitarian manner? It evokes bad memories of politically … Continue reading

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Just Another Mere ‘Dumbarse Phrases’ Post…..

Don’t get me wrong – there’s no way I’m gonna go back on what I wrote about conflict between friends being healthy and life-affirming…. …..however, that doesn’t take away from the fact that certain aspects of said communication really piss … Continue reading

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The Vivisection of Dumbarse Phrases Continues

It’s kinda laughable whenever someone sees fit to utter the phrase: "There’s no need to shout/lose your temper"; such a person is usually dense of the point without someone shouting their fucking ear off! The irony of their assertion is … Continue reading

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