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Random Ruminations of an Anti-Messiah at the End of the Year…..

A bit late but, whilst leafing through last week’s News of the World, I came across a story that pretty much baffled and disgusted me; two football (or soccer, for all those west of the Atlantic) players filming themselves spit-roasting … Continue reading

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MRDA – Separate the Meritorious from the Mediocre!

The following activities prove therapeutically purging for me; getting a haircut, shaving, wiping all the superfluous bullshit off my MySpace profile. Back to fucking basics with it all; a fitting start, almost a month into the MRDA New Year. Speaking … Continue reading

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Prevailing thoughts after watching Transformers Live-Action again….

I really do not want Michael Bay directing the sequel. Vain hope, I know. At the very least they should employ me as a story consultant – I’d fix the fuck-up in the fleshling: Cybertronian ratio for starters! Also…. – … Continue reading

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Salvaging Sense from Nonsense: A Quote From the Misandrist Textual Sewer Known as the SCUM Manifesto

A true community consists of individuals – not mere species members, not couples – respecting each other’s individuality and privacy, at the same time interacting with each other mentally and emotionally – free spirits in free relation to each other … Continue reading

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