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Tim Minchin: DemocraTURD

Another Wright Stuff; another fucking stupid panellist. Do they have some sort of quota system for that show? Roasting in the Inferno today, we have the one, the only…Tiiiiim Minchin! I damn near did a double-take when I heard him … Continue reading

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Halal & Hypocrisy VI: Poppycock!

So, thanks to some annoyed opinions on Tuesday’s The Wright Stuff, and e-mailed invective on Wednesday’s Metro letters page, I found out about the £50 fine given to Emdadur Choudhury for his Armistice Day poppy-burning… …and, then, I got a … Continue reading

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Morale Panic?

More fun and hijinks on The Wright Stuff, earlier, with Matthew and co. discussing the Army’s misgivings regarding a new Jimmy McGovern drama being screened later on. The reason: it depicts bullying amongst the ranks and, as such, stands a … Continue reading

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Feminumpties: Thinking with Their Ovaries Once Again….

More fucking feminumptiness on the panel of today’s Wright Stuff, with gynotard panellists, once again, offering up apologias for mendacious mums who dupe blokes into raising kids not of their loins. Anne Diamond indulged in her usual, emotionally manipulative, “think … Continue reading

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"I Was Raped…. I Lied….." : MRDA Contra the British "Justice" System (# 566,979,000)

Maan, today’s Wright Stuff panellists really know how to lopside issues….. So they think that women who fabricate rapes deserve anonymity (unlike the unlucky fuckers who “rape” them)? In contrast to those mangled minds, I see the issue clearly. Women … Continue reading

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Who’s your Daddy?

Remember my little rant about sexual double standards a month or two back? Well, watching yesterday’s edition of The Wright Stuff made another manifestation of this social cancer all the more evident…. One of the subjects brought up for discussion … Continue reading

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