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Just Another Mere ‘Dumbarse Phrases’ Post…..

Don’t get me wrong – there’s no way I’m gonna go back on what I wrote about conflict between friends being healthy and life-affirming…. …..however, that doesn’t take away from the fact that certain aspects of said communication really piss … Continue reading

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Oh….and one more thing….

The Cocksuckers of the Week Award must go to British Telecom for the shittiest, slowest line reconnection service in known memory! “We’ll reconnect four hours from paying your bill!” they said…. Some five hours after my payment of said bill, … Continue reading

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Romantic! Dramatic! I can’t get what I want with longing alone! – SHOW/ The Knight Sabers The following idea is one I’ve held for quite some time, recently encouraged by my readings of Nietzsche and Stirner as well as some … Continue reading

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Appleseed 2004: An Overview

Masamune Shirow is well known, amongst other things, for his technocratic, highly-intricate future worlds as seen in the likes of Dominion and, more famously Ghost In the Shell; however, as far as I’m concerned, Appleseed remains the strongest of his … Continue reading

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When two people find enough common ground to start a friendship (or relationship), it’s certainly cause for celebration; after all, it’s more likely that the mass of people one comes across in one’s life are likely to be of an … Continue reading

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Bugbear Scenarios

I wonder if anyone else feels an urge to slap someone in the following circumstances….. 1) One is at work, on a lunch break, consumed with one’s reading/writing, when some next fool decides to eavesdrop on one’s quiet reading by … Continue reading

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"The People Is Dead – Up With Me!"

As I’ve said before, there are those who would deceive you into thinking one’s genealogical heritage is one’s destiny; the more recruits to their religion the better; what better way to affirm their (vicarious) egoism than by getting you to … Continue reading

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A great Stirner quote: for those who think heroism/good deeds have to be rooted in “altruism”….

“If we want to deliver the world from many kinds of unfreedom, we want this not on its account but on ours; for we are not world liberators by profession and out of ‘love’, we only want to win it … Continue reading

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MRDA vs. the Racial Massmind & The Tyranny of Slave Morality

Ridiculous is he who, while fellows of his tribe, family, nation, rank high, is – nothing but ‘puffed up’ over the merit of his fellows. [He] puts his worth….in connectedness, or in the ‘tie’ that conjoins him with others, in … Continue reading

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The Vivisection of Dumbarse Phrases Continues

It’s kinda laughable whenever someone sees fit to utter the phrase: "There’s no need to shout/lose your temper"; such a person is usually dense of the point without someone shouting their fucking ear off! The irony of their assertion is … Continue reading

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