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Protected: HB Sauce (Enhanced Flavour)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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At Last: Change *I* Can Believe In!*

*Of course, I use the term “believe” with: a)tongue(-somewhat)-in-cheek; b)qualifications… ~MRDA~

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MRDA chuckles at both Ragnar Redbeard and Barack Obama

Though the Negros are a majority in many States, they are never permitted to obtain actual administrative power and never shall. – Ragnar Redbeard   Epic fail, Redbeard. Epic fail… Also, this inauguration ceremony is full of lulz! “I, Barack … Continue reading

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Altruism & Christianity: The Why

From this post in the community: Compassion for the poor is not essential to being a human, good, or happy. – charged_chaos Yes, but it is necessary for being a Christian, or you can go to hell, really. And there … Continue reading

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