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MRDA’s Crowning Music of Animé #5: ‘Nemurenu Mori no Bijo’ by Saki Takaoka (from Megazone 23 III)

Whatever else the Wachowskis ripped off from the Megazone 23 trilogy, they couldn’t emulate the sheer awesome that is the soundtrack. Here’s a sample: When that violin kicks in, you know what time it is! ~MRDA~

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Re: American Happy-Slapping “Flash Mobs”…

I read stories like this, and wonder: Why hasn’t anyone “flashed” these cunts with Glock rounds yet? At least UK peeps have some excuse for not taking out happy slappers! ~MRDA~

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MRDA’s Crowning Music of Animé #4: ‘Hono’o no Violence’ by Hironobu Kageyama (from M.D. Geist).

If I had to narrow down my Top Five animé tunes, this would definitely be on the fucking list: Kinda hot-blooded for an emotionless, walking apocalypse. Between this and ‘Destron Sanka’, Kageyama sure loved his villains back in the 80s! … Continue reading

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Interesting—a Threefold K.O!

I’d say the root of the libertarian dead end is looking at the idealized “human,” rather than the existing advanced primate. It’s a bit ironic that both conservatives and the left have a love/hate relationship with evolution/genetics etc. On the … Continue reading

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Have Faith in Faith? MRDA Considers Suicide…

I’m sure there’s more to say, but, for now, this shall suffice…. Reading about Andy Nowicki’s Considering Suicide on the Hoover Hog intrigued me; having embraced the cold, uncaring void as the reality underlying existence, I found myself fascinated by … Continue reading

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MRDA’s Crowning Music of Animé #3: ‘’ by ANDY (from Mospeada)

Cos every bloke is a Lonely Soldier Boy, ‘In Search of Lost Legends’… Shame that the soundtrack constitutes the highlight of the whole series; in fact, as far as storytelling goes, I’d even venture to say Robotech improved matters! Actually, … Continue reading

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