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The Cult of Hope by H.L. Mencken

As today’s the birthday of the Sage of Baltimore, optimism becomes an increasingly alien concept for me, and I saw a passing mention to this piece in Michael Rose’s Infernalia (which I plan to review in the next week or … Continue reading

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MRDArous Aphorisms: Pleading the Fifth

Creation: the act of killing something that does not exist. Abstraction is an idyllic and immersive place to live….which is why it’s probably better off just visited from time to time. Morality: the figleaf on the crotch of desire. “Plausible … Continue reading

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MRDAing My Medusa: Pushing Past Perfectionist Petrification

Regular readers of this blog (all five of you) will have noticed that there’s been fuck-all activity chez MRDA for the past month or three. Part of that comes from being wrapped up in entanglements elsewhere, of both the fun … Continue reading

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