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On Cunts, Chivalries and Chauvinisms….

On my way home from work earlier this week, I took a route in my mind which led me down to Gender Double Standard Street…. Are ye sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…. So along this little side road in my … Continue reading

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Protected: An (unwittingly) amusing little quiz, yanked from …

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A great point, in the face of the General Election and the “vote-for-voting’s sake” mentality….

“The argument that those who don’t vote have no right to complain is an old cliché and a ridiculous one at that. People that don’t vote because they’re too fucking lazy/ apathetic to vote have no right to complain but … Continue reading

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Protected: Oh, to perceive her with all five senses…

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The Cats’ve got the cream – oh yes!

So I went and got hold of a copy of Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof on DVD yesterday. It’s been bloody ages since I last saw this animé (I must have been in secondary school when it debuted on these shores), and … Continue reading

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The Value of…Suffering!?

So it seems that Pope John Paul has indeed severed his ties with the land of the living, giving rise to a thousand eulogies and elucidations in his wake. Everyone will not doubt be waiting with a platitude aplenty in … Continue reading

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In retrospect….

March has been one loooooooong-ass month…. And even though it’s back to work with me in a few days, I’m glad it’s over… Here’s to April! ~MRDA~

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