Oh..Vigilante…I Like That….

Visionary, revolutionary, vigilante – these descriptions all fit you well. You are thoroughly disgusted with society and humanity as a whole, and you have several rather diabolical plans to reshape it to fit your designs. You’re probably a loner, and most people think you’re crazy. That’s just because they don’t understand, though, and you’ll show them someday anyway. Heh heh heh. You are known to become very passionate about many causes, have torrid love affairs, and be seen as a either a demagogue or a hero to the proletariat masses.

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2 Responses to Oh..Vigilante…I Like That….

  1. wetplants says:

    I got the same thing

    • MRDA says:

      Cool – you did this too?
      It’s accurate in many respects…although I despise the masses personally…heheh…oh well….would you say it sums you up?

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