“You Gonna Do Some Praying For Me , Boy….And You Better Pray Good!”

Hmm…reading the impassioned words of a special someone concerning the Church’s stance on homosexuality has prompted me to offer my own stance on the whole thing. Why the fuck is it wrong for an adult couple – bonded by love and consent – to affirm their vows in a legally binding ceremony, yet perfectly okay for priests and fire’n’brimstone orators to commit adultery and fuck their young charges in the mouth and up the arse? I’m noticing another glaring discrepancy that causes me to hate the church more than before. Then again a few passages from the so-called “Good Book” emphasise that homosexuality IS a FATAL sin in the eyes of the Lord Almighty, whilst the rape of children was SANCTIONED by the Big Cunt upstairs himself…so maybe the church REALLY is doing God’s work by admitting a cabal of fucking nonces into its ranks…

But hold on….don’t some sects forgo this homophobic shit and allow gay peeps in too? Whoops!


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  1. ghostdog_ says:

    Ah, church hate, a wonderful new sport.

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