Thought for the Day…Lest I Forget….

A great many invoke freedom of speech to compensate for – and justify – their glaring lack in the area of freedom of thought…..

Don’t believe me? Look around, look inside – it happens more time too many…no one is 100% immune, alas…


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3 Responses to Thought for the Day…Lest I Forget….

  1. cearrdorn says:

    In regards to freedom of thought.
    I lost count of the times I’ve been accosted by people from various groups telling me that I’m a sheep because I didn’t parrot their party line when they asked me a question. I’ve often found these individuals hard to engage without retoric deluge insuing, so their obvious hypocrisy makes them easy to disregard. (Right now the followers of Lyndon Le Roche are coming to mind.)
    I have absolutely no problem listening to a new idea. I do have problems with dogmatic adherence in the face of false logic and lies. The sort that will swear the sky isn’t blue when it is plainly so all around them. I’ve encountered people as such often in debates in various forums. They are quick to take your points and refute them, and ignore truth and evidence when you provide it. Yet you give one inch to them, and they’ll tapdance all over it, and never yield anything themselves, resorting to retoric or changes of subject.
    The previous mayor of Houston was exactly like that. In all the speeches that man gave, in all the questions I ever heard him answer, I never heard him say a damned thing that wasn’t written down and rehearsed other than Yes or No. And he was seen as a good mayor until his time in office was up, now all the stuff he did has come to light, and the man he endorsed to replace him is having to try and fix it all, when it’s obvious his precessor was a moron. And there are still those who defend the clown.
    I think I strayed a little from my original though. heh. Yes, Freedom of thought is hard to accept, because it involves change. 🙂

  2. xxabunaixx says:

    Freedom of Speech and Thought…
    That is very true…
    I feel that it is easier for a person to exercise freedom of speech than thought. Not to say that it is better.
    Effortless, for a person to read a speech rather than write one.
    I once questioned my teacher (long ago) about his teaching methods. I won’t get into it deeply. The gist of it was that all the answers to a midterm were freely spoken by him to us. Leading students to think that we were to jot what he was speaking down and be happy with answers with out learning anything in return. He replied by telling me it was easier this way. He knew everyone would most likely get high scores…(even though what it sounded like was complete and utter drivel. He wasn’t prepared in my opinion.)
    Although I was slightly taken aback by this seemingly truthful answer, expecting him to cover up for how he was teaching, be embarrassed. He wasn’t and he didn’t. In response I answered, oh… we are not to think about what you say? We are not to learn from it?
    He returned by telling me, that he was seeing how many students would wait after class and question his methods. I was the only one.
    That to me, is not using your freedom of thought. As all of the other students left the class (happy they had the supposed answers to the test) did what they were ‘advised to do’, I stayed to question the teacher.
    Easier to blend with a insipid crowd, than wear a neon rainbow shirt and scream “I know the truth! Or at least I think I do!”
    I think that is the biggest concern when it comes to freedom of thought…wondering if you will blend in, hating change, afraid of anything that is not your normal ‘daily routine’, or afraid of how ppl will view you. Maybe even afraid that you, yourself might actually have the power to change someone’s view…

  3. staxxy says:

    very true –
    often the “freedom of speech” is used to counter any questions asked of someone about what they are freely expressing. It’s like answering the question “do you prefer the red one or the blue one?” by saying “aardvark”.
    It would seem that the only real way to counter that is by thinking before *we* speak, and try and create a balance. Or to at least bring a little sanity back to a few.
    Good luck man.

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