Random Morbidity

I should collaborate with Mudvayne and do a Cyanide Remix of ‘Death Blooms’, where I pour cyanide/acid down the throat of Chad(main singer)and make him recite the poem at the end of the song as his life – and vocal chords – wither and dissolve….

Why this thought occurred, I have no clue, as I quite like the crazy, astrological, apocalypse-obsessed fucks. Why, I even got another album of theirs earlier ….

I guess I thrive on morbid humour…I can be a sick fuck like that…

In any case I rather like this – great imagery – a classy way to close a song, especially one characterised by bludgeoning guitars and throat-searing vocals:

Dark for fear of failure
An inner gloom as wide as an eye and fermenting
Broiling hate
Death grip in my veins
Unveiling rancid petals
Flowering forth foul nectar
The space between a blink and a tear
Death blooms….

Who would’ve thought nu-metallers could be so fucking eloquent? Heh heh…


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