Buy British?

Whilst were on the subject of music, I’m fucking sick and tired of bell-ends who jump up and down like crack-addled gibbons, imploring me and other rock/metal music fans to “support British/local bands”. Guh! Every time I open a fucking rock mag or browse a fucking rock message board it’s always the same fucking story. “Duh..fuck all that American shite, you fools – buy British!”

The only support I wanna give to people who spout this line of shite is via the means of abattoir meat hooks, xenophobic cattle that they are!

Why the fuck should I support a band, simply because they share a geographical locale with me? Just because I live in say, Newham, should I go round giving hugs and smiles to every cunt who lives in this borough and biscuits – the term of endearment I just used to describe them gives you some idea of how I generally feel about such a prospect. Or should I spiritually eviscerate myself and give “mad love” to every shite-as-shite garage band which happens to rise from these parts? again my use of adjectives give a clue to my answer…..

I refuse to give my time, support, love or hard-earned pesos to anything or anyone I dislike or despise, regardless of where-the-fuck said person or thing originates from.

There’s a good reason I don’t buy Lost Prophets and Vex Red records, people…..

I mean, all such claims to only support the local, the homogeneous, the nearby, are just as dubious as those “Buy American” campaigns in operation on the other side of the pond, or even more dangerously ,”My country, right or wrong!”. If I were American, no way would I touch those wankstain, production-line, garage rock bands which seem to be all the rage at the minute! What does it achieve? The generation of a bunchload of mediocrities, given amnesty from the truth of their shitness, simply because they’re “one of us”, that’s what! It’s like the buck-toothed, (literally) mother-fucking, dumbfuck-racist hillbilly who rallies behind the KKK to feign a “superiority” and “worth” he otherwise lacks; same goes for the sorry excuses for humanity who join street gangs, the BNP, the Nation of Islam, or Al-Qaeda in a vain attempt to mask the fact they’re basically worthless cunts. It goes on an on in many guises, this sickening, insidious, tribalistic line of thought and gets evermore fucking tedious with every passing day….

(Wow! I let loose the floodgates there didn’t I? Oh well, shit happens…)

To summarise, support the sublime and throw away the trash, whether either be foreign or domestic – hasta luego and sayonara for now, mes amis….


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  1. kasku says:

    I’m with you 100% on this. It’s part of the reason why I avoid music messageboards and magazines at all costs. 🙂

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