Fuck labels – support your favourite BANDS….

“Support small labels – stop buying from conglomerate record companies,” is an oft-heard battle-cry heard from those striking out on their own in the indie market. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for these smaller, hungrier labels carving out a niche in a market dominated by Machiavellian mass-production but when they and their adherents start dictating whose distributive services I – the music fan – should procure, that’s when I feel the need to cross swords with them. I mean, are they suddenly gonna sign all my fave bands onto their books? Are all my favourite artists gonna agree to their terms and conditions?

If the answer is in the negative, as I suspect, then these labels and their lackeys have NO business telling me to sacrifice MY musical tastes for THEIR profit…..

I mean yeah – by all means promote your product to myself and the uninitiated masses; use any means of marketing to generate interest in – and sales of – your artists and their musical wares. However, don’t piss and moan when people support their favourite bands who happen to be on major labels. It’s like inferior competitors throwing a bitch-fit over the success of Microsoft et al. Seriously, don’t expect me to sacrifice my preference (and music is preference after all) on the altar of your profit margins….unless of course you can satisfy all my preferences. Got that?

Besides if everyone was buying off these indies, wouldn’t they eventually grow to become the majors they despise? Hang on….


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