In a nutshell – meme whorage strikes again, but with a difference this time…

Abortion?: “Get your stinkin’ bureaucratic hands off me womb,” is what I’d say if I were a woman
Death Penalty?: For the worst of the worst, why not?
Prostitution?: Legalise – takes the power away from unscrupulous and abusive pimps for a start….
Alcohol?: Loosens one up a bit….but being totally bladdered is never good
Marijuana?: Not my bag, but peeps should be able to roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it without fear of prosecution….
Other drugs?: Your body – poison it as much as you want but know it’s a downward spiral..people should be free to live or die as they choose…
Gay marriage?: Well, who’d want an unhappy one, eh? Seriously though, what’s the fucking problem? It’s okay to have nonce priests but CONSENSUAL, loving ADULT-ADULT relations are evil? What The Fuck?
(Il)legal immigrants?: Them damn immigrants – come to our country, take the jobs we don’t wanna do and sponge off the same benefit system as our homegrown loafers? Send ’em back – DEMONS!!
Smoking?: Looks cool – overrated in actuality……..
Drunk driving?: The pastime of a bladdered AND brainless bell-end….
Cloning?: Unsure…..
Racism?: As you can see I’m a poster boy for the Aryan Nation…..
Premarital sex?: Why dost thou elude me? Haha….Less emphasis on waiting till marriage = less idiots marrying purely to get some cock or cunt …
Religion?: I think it’s cock, but again people should be allowed free worship. Keep it out of government though…
The war in Iraq?: Hmm….I’m not gonna jump on the oil bandwagon, cos that pisses me off, but the WMD line was obviously a load of old bollocks… I’m glad that Saddam’s been torn from his throne, but things are getting fucking ridiculous at the minute, what with all the torture and beheading etc….
Bush?: Unlike Clinton has SOME level of integrity…though far from perfect! Not the demon or idiot the Left like to paint him as, though hardly the Messiah the Right would lead you to believe….
Downloading music?: Theft unless the artists warranted it
The legal drinking age?: Restrictions on drink are fucking stupid and only add to the glamour for young would-be pissheads and sloshers…
Porn?: Why not? But is “lesbian” porn really meant to be titillating?
Suicide?: Cop-out…or last resort…I guess context is the key here….mostly the former tho…


What is your stand on….. brought to you by BZOINK!

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3 Responses to In a nutshell – meme whorage strikes again, but with a difference this time…

  1. kasku says:

    Fabulous views. I’d do this meme myself except for the most part you’d think I was just copying your answers. 😉

    • MRDA says:

      Hey go ahead – I’m sure you don’t agree with ALL my views….and I’d be interested to see which ones…
      Was it the bastard NHS pissing ya off in that post of yours yesterday?

      • kasku says:

        Yes it most certainly was. They are such useless fucking bastards. It’s almost unbelievable. I wouldn’t have even *seen* a midwife unless I’d asked to, and I wouldn’t be going to any of the “compulsory” courses unless Ivan had spent an hour on the phone to some idiot woman explaining that I can’t come to the compulsory course on the 7th of September because that’s my due date.
        They are so shite.

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