A protest against hypocrisy……

The term “peace protesters” sometimes seems like an oxymoron to me……

I mean you’ve got these guys who marched against the War in Iraq who, to my knowledge at least, marched in a manner befitting their cause.

Then you’ve got the tits who organize May Day protests and the like who think that smashing up branches of McDonalds will eradicate “evil” and “war-mongering” capitalism. Bell-ends! What it does do is put a crimper on McDonalds profits and, by extension, threatens the employment of those trying to make ends meet. The stigma of working at that piss-poor excuse for an eatery is nowt compared to that of being out of the job and having to sign on.

Protesters piss me off at the best of times, what with their obstructing traffic and making it harder for peeps to get from A to B….
I mean if they care about peace why incite the rage of those trying to go about their business without being sloganeered?

However, the ones who shamelessly fail to see the contradiction between their ideals and their actions earn a special brand of my contempt….

Months back in my area, there was an Arms Fair at the local exhibition centre. Peeps from all over came together to make their opposition to said fair known. So far so typical, you may say; except these anti-arms dickheads – no doubt opposed, in ideology, to the use of violence full stop – had no qualms about mobbing together to rock and sway buses full of people to get their point across. Not throwing eggs or insults at the cars of delegates travelling to purchase said arms, but threatening the safety of those totally unconnected with their campaign.

I mean what if these fuckers ended up tipping said buses over? Would have done wonders for their campaign for a better world, wouldn’t it?(Actually I think the world would be a better place without London Buses, but I digress somewhat…) They really would have shown their anti-violence credentials off by potentially killing or injuring kids, oldies, the average Joe on the street….

If anything, I’d think that’d strengthen the argument for procuring Arms; if you were a passenger caught up in that disarray, wouldn’t you feel the urge to blast ‘n’ nuke those so-called peaceniks off the face of this planet?

Once again, the hypocrisy of said anti-arms, “pro-peace” protesters just buggers belief…


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  1. creactivity says:

    When I read your cute English colloquialisms, it makes me want to hear your voice.

  2. I liked it when the Italian “Pace” (peace) protestors protested outside of our military base in Italy right before we left to fight in the war they would stop traffic.
    After we left though I like how they thew paint, paint baloons and lit the wind-screen on the fences on fire and threw gas grenades at our guards…
    Peace, eh?
    Fuck “Peace” protestors…

  3. pixietrle says:

    I like your Icon, it’s shows a bit of sensitive side;)

  4. staxxy says:

    we have a group up here that calls themselves “anarchists” and every time there is a protest for *anything* they use it as an excuse to really frag things up. Little bastards. They give people in black clothing a bad name. They really just piss me right off.
    I wonder if there is not something akin to that over near you that is messing with your protests.

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