Voter apathy – an uncriticised variant (until now that is….)

Darn it!

It seems my worst-case scenario has come to pass – Ken Livingstone has been re-elected as Mayor of London….

Some mistake surely?

After all this is the same Red Ken who introduced the bright-spark idea of a congestion charge; the same cocksucker who called people who drive their families about in 4x4s idiots!

But for some reason, this charlatan gets a second term in office to fuck things up further….

As if drivers haven’t got enough to contend with – what with road tax, road rage and parking meters – he burdens them all the more. For fuck’s sake – people get cars to get away from public transport and all it entails, yet Red Ken decides it’d be a great idea to pilfer from driver’s pockets to pay for – yup you guessed it – more London buses. Wooooo…..

As Galvatron’d say: “This is bad comedy!”

One of our esteemed mayor’s brainstorms for his new epoch of tyranny is making bus travel free for all those under 18. If you thought bus journey’s were irritating and obnoxious before….

Fuck, the man even has one of those eminently punchable faces, smug bastard that he is….

Fuck Ken Livingstone and all he stands for….namely the Labour Party! The same party eager to introduce ID cards to the nation; if it isn’t Komrade Ken, it’s Big Brother Blunkett…..

I asked my mum earlier why she’d cast her vote Labour’s way, to which she replied: “I’ve voted Labour all my life.”

I think in the furore about voter apathy, this is an alternate strain of the disease that slips through the net – voting out of habit, instead of conviction…is that not a more dangerous strain of apathy than not voting at all? I mean, voting for the party you disagree with least to stop racist cunts like the BNP from getting a foothold is certainly to be commended; but voting for a party as a reflex action, or in a flight of whimsy?

Please I don’t want the public or the politicos to talk about apathy, unless they acknowledge this issue; not that they will, seeing as they thrive on the ignorance of the masses….

They outwardly denounce the apathy of willpower in non-voters …whilst praying for the apathy of brainpower in those who do make it to the polling stations…


….the location changes, yet the game no doubt stays the same….


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