Misanthrope – 1 : Romantic – 0

Now, I’m thinking…is love just a load of old bollocks?

I mean…people convince themselves all the time that “this one is the one” at the time they feel the throes of infatuation overpower them, singing the song of a sweet sensation…

Then *pouf*….it dies and fades into nothingness…..

Stupid idiotic patterns, stupid fucking songs perpetuating the notion of love as fleeting and arbitrary…..easy come, easy go….a slipshod, flinching emotion totally out of our control or understanding…something which enslaves, rather than invigorates…then dashes us on the rocks when we least expect it, leaving us pleading and bleeding for it to come back….

Fuck – no wonder so many people embrace nihilism, what with such an ugly vision of something supposedly beautiful…

Bad is the norm and its opposite is a fleeting anomaly…such is the view of the many, brought out into the open…

…and it makes me choke up inside…

Many are given the hearts of Man….yet many prefer to tear at each other’s like beasts….

See, I view things simply – in black and white. Different shades of these contrasts, but black and white nowt the less. I’ve no time for grey, fuzzy, half-assed, “complicated”, when it comes to this matter. I’ve no time for the fleeting, foolish, faithless or plain fucked-up…if things are “complicated”, it’s because people chose them to be so, not because they inherently are. The notion that things have to be “complicated” just makes me despair for most around me…as well as for those who I actually give a shit about. Difficult, perhaps; complicated, no!

People are fucking idiots at times! And cunts to boot….

It’s one thing for people to fall out of love; it’s quite another for people to deny that there was ever anything between them. That the love professed was just a distraction – a case of mistaken identity on their part….

Sometimes I really do think there are those with a knack for making human beauty seem so profoundly ugly….


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2 Responses to Misanthrope – 1 : Romantic – 0

  1. tomorrowman says:

    Your average person has no understanding of love and what that really means.
    Presumably, Love is the highest of all values, but how many people, especially in this godamn culture, have any understanding of value?
    Love is the highest expression of the Self finding Like. In order to truly love, one must not only have a sense of value (and, likewise, nonvalue as a mater of contrast), but also a sense of Self.
    Self is the recognition of Identity, of one’s place in reality, which is then, of course, dependent on a sense of what is real.
    Love is not a task for the weak of heart, no sir. It requires a recognition of reality, self, and value, the main things that your average human wants to bury their head in the sand about and ignore.
    The average person is content with “love” to be the acceptence of someone who isn’t a horrible and for which one has a vague and non-descript fondness of.
    That’s so much easier than truly undertanding the universe at large.

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