Gnashing of teeth…

Yup – so after all that build-up, interview and anticipation, I got the letter declaring I have not been accepted on board the good ship Borders …..


Oh well…time to search for a job I actually don’t like – I’ll have a better chance of striking lucky, eh?

Jobhunting – one can’t help but fucking loathe it!


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4 Responses to Gnashing of teeth…

  1. kasku says:

    Come and work in Muswell Hill at Red Letter Days – they’re recruiting right now and pay £9,300pa for 25 hours a week. More for full time, obviously.

    • MRDA says:

      What’s this Red Letter thing about? Sounds interesting….

      • kasku says:

        It’s a company who sell experiences like a day driving trucks, spa days, balloon flights, tours of the Tate Modern etc. They need people to operate the phones and tell people what dates are available / what experiences are available.
        I know they were recruiting last week, so I’d be surprised if they still aren’t! The only trouble with Muswell Hill is that it’s a bit of a bitch to get to. There’s no very near tube station – there’s always a bus involved too. Having said that, it’s only a five minute bus journey from Highgate station, so it ain’t all that bad…

  2. staxxy says:

    job hunting is just as ugly over here. Bleh.
    It gives me the HATE OF DOOM!

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