Dumbarse Phrases (Part IV)

"Don’t judge!"

This is used so often and in such a cavalier manner, it should be criminal!

Newsflash for those who would live by this code. We all judge. Every one of us on this ball of rivers ‘n’ roots otherwise known as Earth. It is an inescapable truth and an integral part of our existence. Discarding the responsibility of making judgments is tantamount to putting a gun to one’s head and pulling the trigger.

Would you walk into that area, notorious for its discarded needles and violent crimes? Would you share an otherwise deserted bus or carriage with that gang of shifty-looking tracksuited youths? If not, I’d rather you picked your mantras more carefully in future instead of preaching what you’d never practise…..

Don’t get me wrong, people – I’m all for a bit of common fucking decency, cos Lucifer knows that’s certainly lacking in our society; but I’m also for common sense too. No, it’s never cool to cast snap-judgments…in non-emergency situations; however a world with no judgments being cast would be a dissolute, undefined mess ( a good metaphor would be the fate of humanity at the end of the Evangelion saga). Imagine that no none would know the cut of condemnation or the pheromone of praise. Everyone would be equal – and therefore redundant as singular entities. A world bereft of valuations would not lend itself to any notions of individuality or distinction.

Furthermore, I’ve notice that the people who cry "Don’t judge me!" are often those who wish to avoid much deserved condemnation for actions which a thinking person would find reprehensible, or at least out-of-order – actions like -wait for it – harshly and arbitrarily judging others. There are those who use the phrase with good intentions, echoing the same sentiments I type now – but these people are usually the same people who cast their own judgements on those who do judge hastily.

The irony in a ‘non-judgmental’ person calling someone a "judgmental cocksucker" isn’t lost on me….

If more people took the time to consider more than the evidence-of-the-moment before declaring a (non-emergency) verdict, the world would be a better place to live….

But a person without judgments – whether they be good or ill, informed or not – is nothing more than a walking blank slate….


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  1. newedition says:

    Excellent entry!
    I’m sorry I don’t have time for a long response, but I have also noticed “non-judgemental” people judgementally accusing other people of being judgemental. I think the “non-judgemntal” has come to mean:
    anything goes, so long as it’s not reasonable or rational, in which case it is allowed to be judged as bad.

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