Procrastination is the devil on my shoulder…

I’ve been procrastinating in regard to posts; a myriad of subjects started and not one finished

Plus of course there’s been work – not that that’s an excuse…..

This will be rectified in due course….

In the meantime here’s an oldie but goodie, tweaked and posted for your viewing pleasure…..


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4 Responses to Procrastination is the devil on my shoulder…

  1. creactivity says:

    ♥ this icon.

  2. _toyin says:

    sexy, sexy! iconish goodness.
    Now I must find the answer, snuggling closer
    Enveloped in the warmth, the softness of the skin
    I savour what I feel for sure, wary of the mystery
    What could unfold now, other than our sin?
    Whispers, just whispers, seep into my earlobes
    Inquisitive promise – I’m keeping my guard
    Flaming locks tease me, caressing my nostrils
    A feeling inside me – defining is hard

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