Silly cunt!

I doubt this idiot has even listened to Pantera – or any metal for that matter.

William Grim is nowt but a vulture, feeding on the carcass of tragedy.

And not only does the guy practically spit on Dimebag Darrell’s corpse, but he goes on to describe anyone who doesn’t appreciate his chosen genres of appreciation as “uncivilized”, amongst other things.

Gee, way to make a sweeping generalization!

I also detect a hint of – dare I say it – fascism, in his bullshit rantings. “Imposed morality”? Do I hear someone chant “Zieg Heil!”?

I acknowledge that the classical world has composers of deserved note and acclaim – and the same can be said of the genre of heavy metal….

….and – make no mistake – Dimebag was one of the best in that respect!

Still, anything to get a reactionary priapic, eh?

Next time Mr Grim, do your homework before spouting off your poorly-informed line of neoconservative dogma!

In the meantime, go find a more deserving carcass to gnaw on…


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7 Responses to Silly cunt!

  1. badthingsman says:

    It seems like all the idiots are coming out of the woodworks in regards to Dime’s death. I ran across one person in yahoo who claimed the shooting was a publicity stunt to create more record sales because Damage Plan wasn’t as widely known as Pantera. I ran across an even bigger moron who claimed that the guy who shot Dime was a rapper because he wore a hoodie, so we should therefore burn down all rap clubs and target blacks.
    Honestly, I’ve really tried to look away from all of the stupid remarks from ignorant fucks who voice their opinions on the matter. I prefer to just share a few kind words with fellow fans, rock out to Pantera like I always do, and do what I can to work toward a future where crimes like this will not be a common occurrence.

    • MRDA says:

      I see your point. It seems they’re so many people using this tragedy to push forth suspect agendas – racists, Bible Bashers, gun-control nuts and general conspiracy whores – it makes one’s blood boil.
      Still, as you said, tis better to reflect upon and appreciate all the good Dime brought the world with his guitar playing. As cliche as it sounds, the guy has achieved immortality through doing what he loved most and preserving it on record and no bottom-feeding NeoCon fascist with delusions of superiority will take away from that achievement.

  2. ubermensch says:

    do we seriously expect anything else from a slave moralist?

    • MRDA says:

      “we teach our young children to obey the 10 Commandments and to obey the laws of the land”
      Yup – I see what you mean after prising through that bilge again…

  3. phyrbyrd says:

    I have never heard any of Dimebag’s music – a fact I intend to remedy as soon as possible – but I am still furious. Nobody should die on stage. He was there to give his fans the night of their life and what did he get in return? This is so fucked up. Somebody tell me something good before I lose all faith in humanity.

  4. harlockhero says:

    I’m not really a huge fan of Pantera, so I can’t comment on that, but this guy’s intellectual failing is one that a lot of people seem to fall prey to lately: the idea that it’s okay to treat humanity as a handful of collectives and groups rather than 6 billion+ individuals. Yeah, “the left” is pretty miserable at times, but “the right” is about as righteous as Frollo from Notre Dame de Paris. The guy doesn’t realize that he’s being even more collectivist than the mediocrity-seeking socialists he condemns.
    Lucky for us all that my forthcoming (in 4 or 5 years I should think) Project H is a work of art specifically targetted at smashing collectivism. Let’s reclaim aesthetics, indeed…

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