Silly cunt!

I doubt this idiot has even listened to Pantera – or any metal for that matter.

William Grim is nowt but a vulture, feeding on the carcass of tragedy.

And not only does the guy practically spit on Dimebag Darrell’s corpse, but he goes on to describe anyone who doesn’t appreciate his chosen genres of appreciation as “uncivilized”, amongst other things.

Gee, way to make a sweeping generalization!

I also detect a hint of – dare I say it – fascism, in his bullshit rantings. “Imposed morality”? Do I hear someone chant “Zieg Heil!”?

I acknowledge that the classical world has composers of deserved note and acclaim – and the same can be said of the genre of heavy metal….

….and – make no mistake – Dimebag was one of the best in that respect!

Still, anything to get a reactionary priapic, eh?

Next time Mr Grim, do your homework before spouting off your poorly-informed line of neoconservative dogma!

In the meantime, go find a more deserving carcass to gnaw on…


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