Have you ever felt yourself stuck in stasis in relation to another, like you know not where to go next? In such a state, all between you seems stalled, trapped or held back, almost like one is stuck in a traffic jam with that person, going nowhere fast; hence something akin to road rage builds up inside. No violence, flipping each other off, or screaming – just the sense of something simmering at one’s core.

Being stuck in gridlock is certainly a pain in the arse in any context!

It’s so much easier to skate on the surface for some, but I’m not one of those people; this recreation, most adored, is that which I at heart abhor.

Dammit! Why is it that some open the door for you to let you in, only to slam it shut in your face as you approach? It really annoys the fuck out of me! Stop-start-stop-start! A hand outstretched is slapped away as easily as it was requested – and a jagged exchange of trivia ensues…

Yup – I’m stuck in gridlock, racking up a high congestion charge in the process!


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