Damned Holy Rollers….

Jesus Fucking Christ!

Bible-bashers just don’t know when to quit the dogma….

Good, generally rational people with a Christian worldview I can get along with. Bible-bashing dogmatists, with the monopoly on “Truth” and “the Way”, who never stop to check their foundations, trouble me quite a bit – especially when they try to convert me….


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7 Responses to Damned Holy Rollers….

  1. ex_req431 says:

    oh jesus I’m going to puke.

  2. cearrdorn says:

    Interesting language nuance –
    Here Bible Basher – Someone bashing Christians
    Bible Thumper – Christian Religious Zealot

    • MRDA says:

      Interesting – I always thought Bible-basher and Bible-thumper were interchangeable. That’s how they’re used in these parts anyhow….

  3. cluebyfour says:

    The. Pain. Must. Stop.
    I actually understand you.
    See, this is why I despise most forms of organizaed religion. The arrogance of most fundies is enough to make me wish for another holy war, one that destroys every church, mosque, synagogue and temple on the planet.

  4. I’ll refrain from jumping in there about how God made gays too…

  5. ghostdog_ says:

    Well done on arguing with that one, its gets very frustrating trying to debate with fundies.

  6. phyrbyrd says:

    I was done talking about my father’s religion a long, long time ago. The whole thing sounds like just another story humans tell. I’ve been told I’ll go to hell a few times, I’m happy to wait and see, and in the meantime try and make myself and the people around me as happy as I can.

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